Almost Famous

Having a full time job and spending the evenings playing mum and Etsian can take its toll sometimes (as I write this 11.30pm on Tuesday night). Not long after returning to work I considered closing down the Etsy store and return to ‘normal’ life. What kept the flame alive was the members of my local Etsy team whose inspiring talent and spirit has kept me going. I couldn’t imagine having my little piece of Etsy without them. So as they gear up for the next Brisstyle market 4 July (this Saturday) it was timely for them (us) to have 2 min and 40 sec of local fame.

I also just bought a wonderful book from SamLamb Etsy Shop. I good find from a local Bristyle Etsy Team member

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2 Responses to Almost Famous

  1. Kylie says:

    Wow! I'd missed this on TV – what a fabulous plug! Can't wait to visit the markets – good luck! Also, be kind to yourself – remember you do what you love and it shouldn't be allowed to slip into a different realm of 'I have to do this'… Lots of other people love what you do, too! :) K

  2. Don't you dare think of a 'normal life'. We need more ruffles.

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