A hint to sew elastic for the Bettsy Kingston Ruffle Pant

It seems an age before the website is completed and everything is in its rightful place (my danish neighbour is the queen of organisation and would be proud). Until this happens, I thought I would publish a helpful hint from a equally addicted ruffle pant maker – Cynthia:

I have a tip for older (grandmother type) seamstresses with large hands like me. It is very hard to get my hands into the leg holes to make the casing and put the elastic in. What I now do is to
1) make the casing before I sew the ruffles on,

2) add the ruffles,
3) then insert the elastic and stitch it down at the sides.

4) I can then sew the side seams.

When you make the casing for the legs first, you have a flatter surface and the ability to ease in the fabric better. I took some pictures to show you. It works for me. Thanks again. My daughters love them!

Fantastic tip – Thanks!

And I couldn’t help including a picture from this week’s sewing – a new ruffle pant Duck Duck Goose. I’ve had the material for a little while and was making a decision to use it for ruffle pants or the enchanted dress. I’m glad it is the ruffles.

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2 Responses to A hint to sew elastic for the Bettsy Kingston Ruffle Pant

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  2. Lisa says:

    Excellent, excellent tip!! Thankyou so much for sharing! I was having so much trouble trying to get the material ‘flush’ around the legs & following this easy tip I can now make these gorgeous little bloomers very very easily!!

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