House cubby for the kids?

I have been slightly obsessed of late thinking of the perfect playhouse for our kids. We live on a sharp slope so there isn’t much usable land. Ordinarily this would be a easy process – purchase a second hand and recycle. Unfortunately I managed to find a few cute playhouses that I’ve become a little obsessed finding more of an outhouse that can be converted into a guest bedroom or possibly a sewing room in the future. All for around the same cost as the first idea…… Here are the ones I love.

Modern cabana based in the US – San Fransisco

The modern shed – shedrooms located on the Gold Coast in Oz

Judith Needham’s wicker magical genius (I love her onion as well…)

This from Smart Playhouse – a little big but I would truly love all their playhouses!

Studio Shed in Boulder

The metroshed – also in the US and probably best looks like what I want to do

In the meantime, we will keep thinking of the retaining wall and I will keep you posted on our progress.

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  1. Anna says:

    I just found you from googling “how to put the elastic back into ballet slippers”. My dear friend was going to throw a perfectly good leather slipper in the trash because the elastic came out! It has been many many years since I had done this for my 23 year old when she was dancing…. forgot how I did it tho! So glad I had to search because after reading your “about me” page I almost wept. You sound like someone that would understand my differences quite well. I love the peekaboo dress too. I am wondering if it might work as a flower girl dress for my sons wedding this spring? Maybe dress it up with a sash and fabric flowers on the bodice???

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