Seam helpers

My dashing neighbour bush2bay gifted me a device which is also a pretty nifty tool for measuring and creating sharp seams called the sømometer. It is made of strong stainless steel and doesn’t twist. Perfect for adjusting patterns or adding a seam allowance when absent on patterns. She had them sent from Denmark and I’ve not seen them in Australia but sure you can purchase them overseas.

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Summer is here

This weekend marked the start of summer at our house with amazing summer weather.

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Peekaboo Dress photos by Amanda Keeys

It has been such a long time between posts I’m wasn’t sure where to start – so will ease gently into it with some photos taken by the beautiful Amanda Keeys.

I’ve been wanting to update the peekaboo dress cover from the very beginning and Amanda captured it perfectly of course.

The picture above will be the cover – very cute.

The material itself is one of the nicest cottons from Japan. I’m not sure of the material – picked it up from Amite when they visited Brisbane a few years ago and have been looking for more since. So if you find it – send me an email. I also used it in some kits with Bari J fabric for the Haby Goddess whose store is too cool for school.

Guides honour – I will blog more regularly!

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We are back

A fantastic holiday in the South Island and would recommend a trip to New Zealand to anyone!  If I had the time I would have spent 1 month instead of the 10 days we had.  I’m already planning a longer trip in a few years for the whole family.  With the most beautiful scenery it was very easy to capture some fantastic photos.  The highlight would have to be the glaciers – expected I guess living in tropical Queensland.  The most beautiful landscapes – these pictures say 1000 words.

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Until we meet again – in two weeks

Before I head off on my great holiday adventure that is New Zealand, I wanted to wish all of you a safe and happy Easter.

Enviously, I hope you get a chance to do a bit of sewing.  My last ‘sewing act’ before I head off was a Easter parade headband and hat for my two youngest.  The parade was held today and Alessandra seemed to enjoy the Easter ‘walk’ around the playground.  Cristiano was a different story and refused to be involved.  Instead, he ate the eggs – glue and all – off his little hat.  The joys of mother hood, I’m so glad I stayed up late to finish the little diorama for him.

Happy Easter everyone!

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